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My feelings hurt as much as my lady bits! October 31, 2008

Filed under: Family,Infertility — arminta @ 6:25 pm

OK, so here’s the thing. G & I have been TTC for a while, and we recently sought the help of a Reproductive Endocrinologist (through a crazy and miraculous turn of events mind you). Dr. Wonderful (my RE) found a large “mass” in my uterus and says perhaps this is why the few times we’ve managed to get preggers we couldn’t get it to “stick.” So, today we removed the mass.

First off, I’m not a wimp. I have rheumatoid arthritis, take 10mg of Prednisone and manage to get my hiney to work everyday, so pain really isn’t a big deal to me in general. On the other hand, for those of you with cervix’s… dilating that particular lady bit hurts like a MOFO. So, removing said mass while routine for Dr. Wonderful not so routine for me. This was surgery, like in the OR, fully sedated, surgery. Once Doc W got to his destination, he found not one but two nice big masses and the first one was a little larger than anticipated (on the bright side, he gave me photos of the inside of my ute, which I think is insanely cool). He got everything out, though, and I’m recovering nicely at home.

No, this wasn’t open heart surgery. No, my life didn’t/doesn’t hang in the balance of it’s outcome. I understand that, and I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to act as if it did; however, a freaking “Hey how did it go?” phone call would have been nice. Not from the whole world, maybe just from my Mom. That’s right, I’ve been home for over six hours at this point and have heard NOTHING from my Mom. I tried to call her on the way home from the hospital and got voicemail. As a matter of fact the only people I’ve heard from at all today are a work friend who I’ve known less than a year (although, we have become quite close in that time) and a client from work. As a matter of fact, the client sent flowers. So, I don’t know if the process of releasing a fibroid and a polyp sent some extra hormones into circulation or if I’m just being a sensitive little brat, but I’m really feeling quite hurt. I expected G’s Mom to be a bitch and not ask about me, that’s not out of the ordinary. I expected my sister to not express any concern at all, again not out of the ordinary.

Anyway, enough whining! G has been fabulous. We had our work Halloween party yesterday so I had to stay late to finish up work in prep for being gone today and my wonderful husband cleaned the house for me so that I could come home to peace today. He’s been by my side all day and has just generally been the best husband, ever.

So, this was the last fix-it procedure prior to starting the treatments in earnest. Still hoping for morning sickness by Christmas!


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