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Contrary to Popular Belief, Minta is Not a Pincushion January 20, 2009

Filed under: Rheumatoid Arthritis — arminta @ 7:51 pm

Shocking, I know.

But in fact, true.

At least as far as I know. I suppose I could be a pincushion experiencing some sort of weird alternate reality thing. Seems unlikely, though. So what’s with this odd talk of pincushiness? I went to the doctor today. Not Dr. Wonderful. I don’t see him again for a while. This was my new rheumatologist, for see friends my ovaries aren’t the only non-functioning area of my body. My immune system’s mighty whacked out as well. It’s been a while since I’d been to any rheumatologist, so new doc needed blood (much like Dracula from the previous post!). She need five vials, to be exact. I knew she would need it and drank an assload (translation a big Aquafina) of water about an hour prior to the appointment. The chick collecting blood poked me, and I am NOT exaggerating on this point, SIX times. For five vials. She also threw away, as in put into the garbage to not use, four 1/4-1/2 full vials because they weren’t “full enough.” But for real, that happened. I am so pissed. She didn’t even make it into a vein in two spots, in the four spots that she did manage to find a vein she left MASSIVE, seriously like two quarters, bruises. My hands look like someone hit them with a hammer. Yeah, I said hands… she couldn’t get blood out of my reliable vein (I’m pretty sure because my arm was above my heart, and she left the tourniquet on, but I’m no nurse/phlebotomist so I could be wrong) so she went into my hands. After blowing a vein in my left hand she dug into the right and couldn’t get blood from there either (amazingly, hand still higher than heart). Then she went into the middle of my forearm and had to dig around to find one in there. Pissed! How can a doctors office only have one nurse in the office?!?! But, I was nice to her, right, because contrary to what my writing betrays, I try really hard to not be a bitch. Yes, I have to try sometimes, but c’mon, six pokes and I was still being nice, really I don’t think a nomination for sainthood is out of line here.

So, now you know truth as to why I’m not a junkie. I got nothing against the heroine*, I just don’t have big enough veins to shoot up!

Ok, enough of that hooha… Who watched 24 last night? See, the thing is, I’m going to marry Jack Bauer. Not Keifer Sutherland, but Jack Bauer, for realsies. I freaking love that show. Seriously. When it was done last night, G was all “What it’s over? That wasn’t an hour!” It’s like season 1 or 3 good this year. Not nearly as crap-assy as last season. I still love it, mind you, but last season was well, a little stinky speshel.

* Actually, not true, I’m really all “anti-drug”, big party pooper straight girl


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