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I Love the Snow January 29, 2009

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF,My Fat Ass — arminta @ 12:51 pm

Really, I do.

But not the ice. Definitely, not the ice.

One of the wonderful parts of living in Ohio, is that a couple of times a year we get real snow. It’s so pretty and so much fun. Big C and Uncle G are going sledding tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have my snowman done tonight. Yes, I’m the big dork playing out in the snow all by m’lonesome. This, you see, is why I needs some kiddies. It’s not dorky to build a snowman with your kids.

So, the snow, thumbs up! The ice, no… no thumbs for ice.

This morning, I was 1.5 hours late for work. Being that we have flex time and my boss is in Hawaii etc… it’s not a huge big deal, but I’d rather not be late. As I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, the ice was responsible for the late. Boo! So what happened that’s so blog-worthy?

Right, G got the snow off of my windows this morning, but I had ice caked up .5-1 inch thick all over the windows, too. So, I decided to let the car run for a while to melt the under layer of ice, allowing me to lift it off in sheets. This method works, I’ve done it before. So while it’s running I’m showering and feeding the dogs and packing lunch, yay. You know all the morningly stuff I do. Then I go out and scrap the ice. For like 25 minutes. But it all came off, yay! So, then I go back into the house to get my laptop and lunch etc… come out, lock the door and go to get into the freshly de-iced vehicle.

But no, the vehicle is locked.

With my keys inside of it. My house keys and my car keys…

Now, I’m stuck outside, armed with only my wallet and cell phone. So I call, G, no answer. Call again, no answer. Yikes! What to do stuck outsides in the freezingness of the snow? Luckily G calls back! But is of no help. The man is in Indiana, and has taken the “hidden” outside key back inside. Oh noes! Then I think, maybe I can hoist my fat ass through one of the windows, if there’s one unlocked. Thankfully, there is! And it’s a low one! (OK, bad, but good right now!) So I manage to shimmy the window open from the outside side and somehow manage to get my fat ass up and over and in, all the while being attacked on one side by the pug. Well, maybe not “attacked” but definitely, distracted and jumped on. So now, I’m back in my house, but still keyless. Luckily, G left my spare remote off of his keychain so I could use it to unlock the car door and finally get to work.

Totally crazy!


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