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Okay, the octuplets have finally gotten to me February 4, 2009

Filed under: I'm a bitch, here's why,Infertility — arminta @ 5:27 pm

When the octuplet story first broke, I was not quick to jump on the WTF band wagon. Afterall, we knew nothing about the situation. May the parents were wealthy, had been doing fertility treatments for a very long time and had no other children at home. But, if they were middle class schlubs like me & G, or had a couple other kids or whatevah what’s it my business?

So then we learn the mother was a single mother. Okay, that’s her business. Also, she went against her doctors recommendation to murder, sorry, I mean “terminate” (and now you know my stance on abortion…) some of the babies. Again, I can honestly say if placed in that position, I would make the same choice. So, at this point I’m still empathizing with this woman.

Then we learn she has not a couple but SIX small children at home, and she lives with her parents, and she’s unemployed and apparently she and her parents a little bit crazy. This is where I’m starting to loose my empathy and understanding with this woman. Really, SIX kids and you’re getting MORE fertility treatments. Now, who I am to say how many children people should have? I’m not saying that there should be some set criteria for people to be allowed to use ART or even just good ol‘ fashion CC and IUI. What I am saying is… Good fucking grief, who screwed the pooch on her psych eval? Seriously. What sane unemployed, single mother of six children under 8, living with her parents in a two bedroom bungalow wants more children badly enough to go out and get implanted with at least 8 (I’m not buying that “they multiplied” bullshit) more embryos? Honestly, you know what I think, her quarterly storage rent was due and she thought “Fuck it, why pay for them in storage when I can use them?” Insane.

So at this point, she’s crazy, but she really can’t help it, she’s crazy. Someone (hello Mom, Dad, Doctors, ANY-F’ing-ONE) should have sent her to shrink by now, but whatever. Then the crazy woman wants money to talk to Oprah, and now we know what it’s all about. Maybe she started having kids because she wanted to be a mommy, and God knows I can certainly understand that, but at some point she saw the Duggars and Goslyns on TV and thought, now there’s a way to make money! It’s a new version of the welfare baby ploy. We’ll call it the TLC baby ploy.

Now this would be a good point for me to clarify something. I love the Duggars and the Goslyns. I am happy for their success, and they seem to have their acts together and priorities straight. They also both happen to be Christian families. For starters, these families came to be large by very different circumstances. One by choice, one not by choice. They both supported their own families before TLC came along, by planning and in some cases with the help of loved ones, but neither had their children with the intention of using them to make money. Oddly, even as an yet unfulfilled infertile, I still love to watch their stories, but if the background behind their stories was quite different, I can’t say I’d feel the same.

Back to the main point… This crazy woman has had 8 babies on purpose to get on TV. What kind of irresponsible monster is this? I know I’m making some assumptions here, but I truly believe they are not off base. I’m judging, and I know it, and I don’t care right now. This whole situation has me so mad I can’t even see straight. There are honest people in the world who just want to be parents for the joy of being a parent, and who need ART/fertility treatments to realize those dreams, and this crazy woman’s irresponsibility has ultimately cast an ugly shadow on all of us. I think all parties involved did it for the money and the worst possible scenario is that they continue to get more attention and start actually making money from these children.


2 Responses to “Okay, the octuplets have finally gotten to me”

  1. Mintfree7 Says:

    Okay so my comment has nothing to do with the crazy octuplets. But in all seriousness is your name really Minta? I found a comment on Jen N’s blog by “Minta” and I was thinking hmm I didn’t leave a comment…what the…then I find your blog and I read your history and now I am thinking someone is out there on the internet spoofing me? Anyway I am an IF Minta also. Thought maybe we should meet in cyber space somewhere.

  2. Minta Says:

    Hello “other” Minta! Glad to hear somebody’s stopped by 🙂 My full name is Arminta, but everybody calls me Minta. So, while it’s nickname rather than a proper name, it is not a spoof. We should totally have a cyber chat to discuss the joys of sharing a Minty name! My e-mail address is arminta “dot” ward “at” gmail “dot” com (you know, but typed out like an e-mail address).

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