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WHEW! February 18, 2009

So, new doc called me today. Apparently, she has been given the impression that I was worried. Why on earth would she think that? Not possibly because she said I might have cancer, then I’m anemic then… … … … …? Anyhizzle, she called today and apologized for the nurse not having full info last Friday. She also said definitely not cancer. WHEW! and again I say WHEW!

Now, the rational side of my brain knew that was the likely answer, and although I feel a bit of an ass now, I’m glad I was prepped for bad (while hoping for good). If I’d been all “everything’s gonna be peachy” then she’d called and said “oh yeah, you’ve got the cancer” that would have been way worse than how it went down. So, what’s that word I’m looking for? Right, WHEW!

I wish she’d have called with this news a little sooner, but whatevs, I’m not going to get pick snickety now. I’m feeling a little too, WHEW! to care about the little schtuff.

Here in southern Ohio it’s rainy and gray and cold, and I’ve never been happier to be in Ohio in February!


One Response to “WHEW!”

  1. Callie Says:

    I am so thrilled to hear that the call came through as no cancer. That must be such an incredible relief. It’s amazing how quickly a phone call like that can give you a new outlook!

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