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Clomid, again… March 1, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2 — arminta @ 10:23 pm

Everybody batten down the hatches. The Clomid cyclone is getting ready to take off!

OK, it wasn’t that bad last time I used it, but I did get a little bitchy (beware…). I know, hard to imagine me being bitchy and unreasonable. HA! Poor G, I’ve been a bitchy mess for like a week now, and it’s going to get worse, right when it should be getting better.


One Response to “Clomid, again…”

  1. Callie Says:

    The joys of the hormones we pump into ourselves! My husband has decreed our household a Lupon free zone from this point forward as he nearly lost limbs not to mention his life a few times during that period.

    Good luck with this cycle and thanks for your kind words!

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