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Feeling Hopeless March 2, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2 — arminta @ 11:57 pm

and bitter, and grouchy, and restless, and, and, and did I mention I’m on 150mg of Clomid? I know it’s not the hormoniest of hormones, but I’m blaming my bad mood on it anyway, because I can.

So, yes, I’m feeling quite hopeless today. I’ve got a date with a wand on Wednesday and I’m sure it’ll be all “Yay!” but I don’t feel all “Yay!” Every other time things go all “Yay!” they don’t turn out fine, and isn’t that what’s important? Frankly, I don’t care if all of the preliminary’s look spotty if the end result is a baybee. But, who am I kidding, right? Oh, well, best not to get the internets thinking I’m more depressed than I am.


One Response to “Feeling Hopeless”

  1. Carleen Says:

    Oh, how I remember the days of taking fertility meds and the rollercoaster ride they took me on! Clomid wasn’t as bad as the Pergonal for me, but neither of them was exactly pleasant.

    Fingers crossed that the ride on the rollercoaster won’t be too bad for you this cycle!

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