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Selling the house March 10, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2,Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF — arminta @ 12:55 pm

Yes, I’m selling my house, or trying to anyway. When we were in the midst of “Cancer Scare ’09” (as I’m now referring to February) G and I discussed some possible ways to financially manage with me not working. The best plan we could come up with was sell the house and rent one of my mother’s houses. Selling the house frees enough money to pay off a credit card, and hopefully a car. With the debt paid off we would be in better financial shape if I were sick and couldn’t work. So, then when it turned out I wasn’t cancer ridden I thought, hey… no reason we couldn’t still do the move plan. It still makes sound financial sense, to me. So, we’re gearing up to do just that. Yay!

I’m actually pretty excited about moving. Those of you who know me, know that while I like my little house, I’m completely over it. There are lots of little things really bugging me lately about my house and neighborhood. Oh, right, and some big things, like strangers in hot tub, and living next door to a fire station. But for real, the fire station is close. Anyway, I’m over it and ready for something new.

I’m also excited about moving because of it’s implications of leaving behind the old. Sure, there are good memories in this house, but there are lots of bad ones. All of our infertility woes have been in this house. All four miscarriages happened in this house. G & I have had our fair share of marital disharmony in this house as well. I feel like moving will be leaving all of that behind and starting over. Obviously, I don’t think that somehow my body will change and miraculously everything will be alright, but I do think that making a physical change is a step in the direction of hope.

In other news… Thursday’s my next date with the ultrasound wand. While I’m not the biggest fan of being poked and proded first thing in the morning, I am really looking forward to learning how many follicles we have and how big they are. Mrs. Left has been making her presence known over the past day or two, so I’m sure there’s something going on over there. I’m praying for four, hoping for two and bracing myself for one. The right one. The good one.


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