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What a Long Day! March 14, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2,Family,Infertility — arminta @ 10:17 pm

I have had a very long day today. Made only longer by hot flashes, fatigue and a complete inability to sleep at night when I’m supposed to.

Today started with my psyanky class. Dad came with me, and I’m glad he did. We had a great time and made some beautiful pysanky. Well, my pysanka was OK, it’s still not as good as I’d like it to be. Here I’ll show ya…

Fun, right? Dad’s was good, too. The instructor said his was an excellent first egg.

The instructor was a very sweet lady, and I just love her. Today was the first time we’d ever met, but she was so warm and sweet. We got onto the subject of children (she has seven!) and eventually onto fertility treatments (she has a neice with IVF twins). I shared with her that we were in the midst of treatments. (Yes, that’s right, someone else brought up babies and infertility.) She asked questions and when I told her that we actually have some good news this cycle she was genuinely happy and hugged me. A practical stranger. It really struck me how that’s the reaction I should be getting from our family and friends, or at least those who know what we’re doing. I know I can’t expect more from people than they have to give, but whatever, it was nice to have someone really care for change (not you dear internets, I know you care).

What really struck me though, was the contrast between this strangers reaction and G’s mother’s reaction. Now, I haven’t mentioned G’s mother veyr much on here, and that’s because we don’t speak. At all. There are many reasons, but suffice it to say I don’t like her and she wishes I were dead so there you have it. Anyway, her reaction to our seeking fertility help was essentially that she thought we shouldn’t have children, children ruin your life and she wasn’t going to be tied down because we decided to go out and get knocked up. Oh, and she knows her son doesn’t want children, so that fat bi.tch (that’d be me) must have manipulated him and she was going to talk to him and set him straight. Now, first of all, there was a time when that would have had me ready to claw her eyes out of her head, but I’ve been putting up with this nonsense long enough to just ignore it. Except when it’s tearing my husband apart. He is sincerely hurt that his mother is so well… crazy? I really can’t think of a better word. He’s excited to have a baby, with me of all things. And for her to essentially tell him that he doesn’t really want that, and etc… hurts his feelings. But, according to her the only reason his feelings are hurt is because I’ve manipulated him into hating her. Oi!

Like I said, long day…


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