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Time is Sooooo Slooooowwww March 23, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2 — arminta @ 10:10 am

We are officially 8 dpo. Yes, I am referring to myself using the royal “we.” Besides, I might be a we, so get off me, I’ll do what I want! But for real, could the days until next Sunday be going any slower? I don’t think they could. Unless… No, they are going as slow as is possible.

So, yesterday I had a huge temp spike. I made it all the way to 98.6!! I rarely do that during the day, so that has to be a good sign, right. I was 97.8 on Saturday and 98.6 on Sunday, so something has to have happened. The high temp remains today, so I’m taking that as a sign.

There’s just nothing like spring to make that bitch Hope come out and play. Oh, well, hopes are high now, so be prepared for the inevitable crash, dear internets.

Are we wondering what that whore FertilityFriend has to say on the matter? 82% Which is officially the highest number I’ve gotten at this stage in the game. I give her no credence though. According to her I should have been pregnant many times before. (Yes, I’ve given gender to an emotion and a web site, again, I do what want!)

So now, back to the hope… I realized that I’d not yet posted the multiples math, here’s what we got:

No Baby: 20.00%
Singleton: 80.00%
Twins: 16.00%
Trips: 3.20%
Quads: 0.64%

We have a higher chance of no baby than of twins. Also, yes, I’m aware that there is no mathematical model to predict success, and there’s always a chance for no success. This is based off of the 1 in 5 chance of conceiving on a given normal ovulatory cycle (i.e. one egg, on one side) statistics to decide to go forward or not with the follies we had. Obviously we went forward.

OK, so now a little time has past. Let’s hope more can pass more quickly.


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