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So Confused March 26, 2009

Filed under: Clomid Round 2,Family — arminta @ 2:03 pm

Well, yesterday my temp dipped a little (to 98.1, which is still high for me). The exhaustion and nausea are slightly better. Now, though the nausea is back full force, and it brought it’s good friend heartburn to play.

So, I know the shot is gone by now, I would have thought it was gone a few days, ago, though. So, the change in symptoms is confusing to me. I just wish there was some way to know Yes! Implantation has occured, today.

In other news, I got to babysit my niece H last night. It was so fun to spend time with her, without everyone else being up our keesters. I love my hubs and obviously her parents/grand-parents know her better than I, because they’re always with her. But, I’d like to get to know her, without everybody else popping in their two cents. Maybe she does like gravy in her mashed potatoes, if they’re prepared differently. Maybe she does like to be tossed in the air by some people. Maybe she’s changed her mind about which doll is her favorite today. So, anyway, it was fun to just chill with the H-bug and get to know her for myself. We had a fun time.

OK, I’ve got to go struggle to maintain awakefulness (it’s a word, now) until 6:00pm.

Before I get, the FertilityFriend pregometer is sitting at 97%…


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