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This thing just might be real April 2, 2009

Filed under: Blueberry Bean,Pregnant — arminta @ 12:12 pm

Well, I got the call today on my second beta. Numbers are doubling right on schedule. I’m really pregnant. After five years. It’s amazing. I am officially amazed.

This journey all started at about 3am on Saturday. I woke up and needed to pee. This is a normal happening at 3am in my house. However, it was our last night in the old house, so I decided to go ahead and test. I’d test a day early, it would come back negative and that would be OK, because it would mean we were leaving infertility at the old house. It couldn’t follow us, if I tested right then. This is what I call 3am brain fog. Of course none of that makes sense, but it’s what I was thinking. So, I peed on the stick and sat there for a minute getting ready to head back to bed. Then I looked back at the test (3-5 minutes later, I’m slow in the middle of the night), and there staring back at me were two lines. One was quite pale, but there was no mistaking that it was there. I just stood there, in shock. How could this be? So, I got back in bed and told G, he got up to look at it. He was not excited enough to stay up, but he did get up to look at it. He said “I am so happy right now.” Which is big happiness from G (he’s a pathological worrier).

We moved all day Saturday and I didn’t open my mouth all day, but I wanted to! Then I took another test at 3am on Sunday (told ya, that’s my normal time) and it was positive, too!!!

I told my Mom on Sunday. All she could say was “I’m scared to believe it, I’m scared to believe it.” But now that the beta’s have come back so nicely (121 and 298 respectively) we are all starting to believe it.


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