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The Best Day Ever with Arminta F. Thompkins April 17, 2009

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Yeah, my name really does not contain an “F. Thompkins” but I’m a big fan of Paul F. Thompkins, and it fit with my title (if you don’t know who Paul F. Thompkins is, please do a youtube search for “Best Week Ever with Paul F. Thompkins” I’ll wait… funny, right?)

So, yes, I am having the best day in the history of days. It started with getting to skip a weekly work meeting to go to the RE’s for my second ultrasound. Yay! On the way to said u/s appt, I got pulled over (for the second time in my whole life). Oh, noes! Not today… Today the cop gave me a break and didn’t give me a ticket and I still made it to my appt on time.

Then, G was running late and he wasn’t there when I got there, but… the doctor was running later and G got there in time to get to go back with me! And it’s a good thing he did because…

We got to HEAR the heartbeat. Not just see, but hear it, too. It was the single best sound I’ve ever heard. Nice strong 116 beats per minute. I totally bawled in front of the doctor and dildo cam operator. Poor G is still u/s reading impaired, but since I was a mess listening to the heart the nursing assistant (aka vampire) was nice enough to explain to him what we were looking at and why I was bawling. He did see the heart flickering, but her thought the whole gestational sac was the heart. The doctor said “perfect” twice during the ultrasound. I’m unaccustomed to hearing “perfect” in reference to me and specifically in reference to me and reproduction, so that made me cry more.

Best of all he printed pics for sharing. Now, I am quite creative with my interpretation of fuzzy bean pictures, so I see a head, tail and arm; however, I understand your mileage may vary.


One Response to “The Best Day Ever with Arminta F. Thompkins”

  1. Carleen Says:

    I am sooooo thrilled for you! The greeting on the u/s shot is adorable. I’ve never seen one where the baby sends its greetings to mom and dad!

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