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Gravity and I are Still Friends May 5, 2009

Filed under: Blueberry Bean,Family,Pregnant — arminta @ 4:55 pm

No, I did not in fact fall off of the face of the Earth. Really.

I did have an ultrasound, though. I figured I was getting pretty used to the whole ultrasound routine, and since we heard the heartbeat last time, I thought we should bring the camera to record it. Great idea. I love listening to the 7 seconds of heartbeat we got recorded.

Why only 7 seconds? Seems short and arbitrary, no?

As it turns out, my husband (who was a photography/videography student at our “magnet for the arts” high school) is not the one who should be taking video of important moments. The heartbeat was on for almost 30 seconds before I realized he hadn’t even turned on the camera. Gee whiz. Well, we do have other footage, of him joking with the nurse, of my feet poking out of the sheet, of the nurse joking about taking an under the sheet shot, of G’s face as jokes with the nurse, oh and a couple of fuzzy passing shots of our child on the monitor. Very frustrating. But, I have 7 seconds to play over and over, so I should be grateful for that!

In other news… I’m having an affair with Robert Pattinson. But only when I’m asleep. I also don’t think he’s aware of this. At all.

All the same, my dreams have been steamy as of late. Very unusual for me. I normally have dreams that are borderline nightmares, but in the past two weeks that has changed drastically. I think it might have something to do with having watched Twilight like 20 times since the DVD came out. Also, weird for me. I read all four of the books. I liked them fine, but I’d choose Harry Potter any day of the week for reading entertainment. The Twilight movie, on the other hand, I’m hooked on. I can’t figure out why, but I’m blaming the Blueberry Bean.

Which is the baby’s name until the gender is revealed. The Blueberry Bean is being blamed for more things, too. Like I usually am a homebody on the weekends and now I’m enjoying running around with G. I usually am not overly affectionate, or needy in the “stay home and snuggle” sense of the word, but lately, yeah I’ve been saying that. Weird. I’m not complaining these are all things that make my hubs happy, so great. Just also, weird. I think the Blueberry Bean is more like G than me and is controlling my mind.

What else has happened in the insane amount of time since the last post… Right, my mother-in-law has lost her damn mind. But for real. Internets, this woman needs psychological help. She is calling and saying hateful things, then calling and telling G to leave her alone then calling and crying about they’ve never been like to each other and it’s all my fault. Then of course comes the tirade on why I’m a terrible person who should not be allowed to exist. Her primary complaints are things like, after she was overbearing on me for HOURS at a picnic at my house with 30 people in 90+ degree heat (where her family members were smoking pot and driving through my lawn) I snapped at her for being to overbearing. I’m a terrible, terrible human being. I also talk trash about her family and have no right to do so. You know, I don’t have any reason to not like her sister who illegally registered a car to my address to avoid emissions testing and when G called and asked her to change it, saying we didn’t feel comfortable with the situation she went off and told him she hoped he died a painful death with the rest of “his family.” Then continued to call and leave nasty messages for several more days. But, according to MIL, this sister has “always been good to me and I have no reason to say I don’t want to be around her.”

The real kicker, I have stated for actual reasons that involve me or G that I don’t want to be around specific people. But, if I were to speak about her family the way she talks about mine, she’d be at my house threatening to kick my ass, pregnant or not. I’m really, really tired of this BS, and yet, it continues.

So, that’s it… Just busy battling crazy, but gravity and I still get along.


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