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I’m Considering Myself Tagged June 1, 2009

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So, Bunny over at bugaboo envy has tagged everyone that reads her for the 8×8 meme, and I’m somebody that reads her. Basically, I’m guessing ya’ll are getting tired of my self indulgent misery posts, so here’s a change of pace post.

The rules of the 8×8:
1) Name the person who tagged you: Bunny
2) Complete the list
3) Tag 8 more people

8 things I’m looking forward to:
1) The new Harry Potter movie
2) The new Twilight movie (OK, this is getting pathetic, all I’m looking forward to are movies)
3) Eventually one day maybe being a mother (it’s less certain than the movies…)
4) The summer
5) My big project at work being over
6) Writing more this summer
7) Swimming
8) Vacation

8 things I did yesterday:
1) Wii Fit (for 48 “fit credits” woot woot!)
2) Worked in my garden
3) Bought a magazine
4) Cried
5) Gave Mary her cup back
6) Picked peonies
7) Cleaned
8) Laundry

8 things I wish I could do:
1) Get pregnant without the intervention of a small army of medical professionals
2) Stay pregnant (with or without the intervention of a small army of medical professionals)
3) Speak a foreign language fluently
4) Grow more veggies
5) Be less judgemental and bitter
6) Be a better friend
7) Have more friends (probably would be easier if I were a better friend)
8) Be healthy

8 favorite fruits:
1) Plum
2) Pear
3) Blueberry
4) Apple
5) Strawberry
6) Banana
7) Watermelon
8) Grape

8 shows I watch:
1) 24
2) Good Eats
***OK, I usually watch movies… so the rest are either old shows I watch re-runs of, or shows that G watches and I read or blog through, but they get into my head because I’m in the same room when they’re on…***
3) The Sopranos
4) Weeds
5) Flight of the Concords
6) Charm School
7) The survival one with Bear Grylls (no idea what it’s called)
8) The one on Spike where they match up different fighters from different times to see who would win (no idea what it’s called)

8 places I’d like to visit:
1) Maine
2) Michigan
3) Ireland
4) Italy
5) Scotland/Wales
6) Key West
7) Bora Bora/Moorea
8) Hawaii

8 places I have lived:
** This ones hard because I haven’t lived that many places **
1) The ghetto in Dayton, OH
2) The hood in Dayton, OH
3) Less of the hood in Dayton, OH
4) Trotwood, OH
5) Riverside, OH
6) Harrison Twp, OH
7) Columbus, OH
8) ??? I guess we’ll have to see what the future has in store…

8 things I love:
1) My hubs – G is the best of the best
2) My nephews – They keep me going when times are tough
3) My dogs – They keep me going in a different way from the boys
4) My friends – They keep me grounded
5) Writing – Keeps me from losing it
6) Cooking – Keeps me sane
7) Reading – Helps me escape
8) Photography/Scrapbooking – Helps me remember the good when all I can think of is the bad

I am not going to tag specific people, because I just don’t like to do that. So, if you’re reading this, you’re tagged. Feel free to do or not, whatever floats your boat.


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