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Things I’m Digging Right Now June 6, 2009

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF — arminta @ 11:25 am

Short listy kind of post…

1) Alcohol
2) Wii Fit
3) Summer heat
4) All things Twilight
5) Saying NO to stress and obligation


2 Responses to “Things I’m Digging Right Now”

  1. bunny Says:

    I really want to know more about Wii Fit. I've tried gyms, I've tried yoga, but I really don't stick to anything and it is all really expensive. Do you use your Wii Fit a lot? Do you get a good work out?

    Glad you are seeing the joy in the small things.

  2. bunny Says:

    thanks so much for all the wii info. it sounds awesome, my husband loves video games, so maybe i can convince him to get another toy!

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