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New Home June 17, 2009

Filed under: Blogging,My Fat Ass — arminta @ 2:32 pm

So, here we are. All moved in to our new blog home. I haven’t been able to make it all nice and sunggly, yet, but I’ll try this weekend. I was so proud of myself for getting the other one glammed up!

Quick update on the me front… I had the sleep study and they found that my oxygen nose dives in the night (down to 86), so the sleep doc prescribed O2 at night. I have to a machine delivered and everything. Scary.

The bariatric consult is tonight. I’m feeling more like I will probably do this if the insurance approves it. I keep reading articles that say how good it is for insulin resistance, and how many women are getting the surgery, then going on to have healthy babies without the fertility treatments.

I want to be healthy and happy. That’s what I want, it just seems like every time I turn around something else is wrong. All of the something else’s come down to two things 1) Insulin or 2) Auto-immune. There are new studies that show the surgery can help with both.

I can’t allow myself to hope for my RA to get better. But, even if just the insulin stuff got better, and I lost weight as a result that would save impact on my joints. So even if the RA wasn’t better at all and I still had to take the immune suppression drugs, it should slow down the joint destruction and reduce the need for steroids. Which would help the insulin stuff even more.

I’m having a hard finding a downside other than, oh yeah I could die. Or, end up totally wacked getting fed through a tube in the nursing home or something. But, the truth is, that just doesn’t happen so much anymore. This surgery is more safe than most general open surgeries because the doctors who do it, do the same three or four procedures 100’s of times a year. Most can be done laproscopically, now, too.

The other downside of course, is the complete and permanent change in lifestyle. But, that’s really only scary because it’s unknown. I don’t know what it feels like to not be able to eat what I want when I want, so it’s scary. I keep thinking of the no alcohol afterwards as a negative, too, but… truth be told I’ve had maybe 10 drinks in the last year. Most of those were right after the miscarriage and of those, I really only enjoyed one or two. I have lost my taste for booze.

So, that’s the update. Sorry it wasn’t witty or funny, I’ll try to be back to myself by tomorrow!


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