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Houston, we have a negative June 18, 2009

Filed under: My Fat Ass — arminta @ 1:54 pm

I found the downside to the bariatric surgery! It’s expensive! and my insurance won’t pay it. At all. It’s listed as an exclusion. Here is an instant replay from my call with Anthem BCBS:

Me: Hi I would like to know if Bariatric Surgery is covered under my plan?
Anthem Chick: Nothing is covered under your shitty plan, but I’ll look anyway… Yeah, no.
Me: Like no, not ever, or like you need more info to prove medical necessity?
AC: No, not ever.
Me: So, let’s say I were dying and my doctor said the only way to save my life would be to perform a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, still no coverage?
AC: It’s listed as an exclusion, so no.

Anthem sucks ass.

So, G will be happy, anyway. He was very anti surgery.


OK, all done. Now, I have to go help set up a shitty work party and smile all evening. My face might break.


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