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What If Friday June 19, 2009

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF — arminta @ 1:38 pm

*** Warning: Here there be talk of dog poop ***

Did you know that WordPress has a feature that gives you your visitor count daily? I didn’t either when I moved. I was all “Hey, I’m homeless, maybe I’ll try WordPress, because other people do and if it’s good enough for them… blah blah blah” then I got here and it’s confusing. But back to the counter… I now feel pressured to be more entertaining and get more views than the day before. Weird.

So, I was thinking about instituting some weekly traditions. OK, so I’m totally jocking off other people here. Yes, I’m the one person that still says “jocking.” But, I think it’s fun. At this point I’ve got Meatless Monday, Wordless Wednesday and What If Friday. But we’ll just see how it all shakes out.

So for our first What If Friday, I’m going to totally and completely jock off of Mel at Stirrup Queensand steal hers! In future I will try to be more original. I hope that this will promote some delurking and conversation! Now that I have a counter I’ll know if I have lurkers (I’m kind of doubting it, too, but a girl can dream can’t she?).


The Weekly What If: What if a dog swallowed your favourite piece of jewelry and it went through its digestive tract, only to emerge unscathed–though covered in dog feces–out the other end. Someone offered to buy you a new one (though, it would be something similar–not exactly the same thing) as you both stared at the feces-covered jewelry. Would you clean it and wear it or would you accept a new ring/bracelet/necklace? You obviously must consider this question in regards to your most sentimental piece of jewelry.

I’ll go first! I would totally clean and re-wear the jewelry. As many of you know, there is a pug in my home. That pug likes to eat. Things don’t really have to be made of food for Emma to eat them. Sometimes, plastic figurines from the $1 store look appealing to her, sometimes she prefers marbles. Sometimes, Big C gets pissed that the dog ate one of his toys and Aunt Minta has to fish it out of the poo, clean it, bleach it and give it back to him. She usually doesn’t tell him that she got it out of poo though. She usually proclaims to have “found it while cleaning.” She also slips into speaking of herself in the third person for absolutely no reason what-so-ever in paragraphs where she has already referred to herself in the first person. This is confusing to her readership so she’ll stop.


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