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New Projects on the Horizon June 20, 2009

Filed under: The Blah — arminta @ 10:31 pm

Maybe it’s the depression talking here, but I need a change. You may be wondering, how much change can girl possibly need? Did you just move? That’s true I did just move. Then I moved my blog site. But that’s not the change I’m looking for *does convincing Obi Wan Kenobi-esque hand gestures.*

No the change I’m looking for has more to do with the way I earn my living. I am a CRM Development Consultant/Business Analyst by day. What’s that you say? English? I’m a giant nerd. There are parts of my job that I enjoy, and again this might be all depression here, but lately I find it to be meaningless, boring and without importance. I spend a lot of time at work thinking about writing pursuits. Specifically about infertility and health related writing pursuits.

I love doing this blog. I hope that it is of value to someone out there, but if not I still love doing it. I am also a frequent answerer at the Yahoo! answers TTC party. It has occured to me that what I really love to do is help other women who are dealing with this hell called infertility (and especially those with PCOS, as it is what I can most easily relate to).

That’s what I want to do, help other women fight infertility. I want to give information and hope and encouragement. I want to empower those who feel lost by providing the data they need to find their way. It’s fitting, too. Infertility is expensive, it would be nice to find a way to get it to pay some of the bills, too.

Maybe I think too highly of myself, that anyone would be interested in this, but I know I would have been when I was first starting out. I would have loved a PCOS survival guide. So, that’s my first project.

In the meantime the rent and the mortgage need paid so I’ll not be quitting the day job, just yet.


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