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Fevers Are No Fun July 28, 2009

Filed under: Marriage — arminta @ 11:03 am

or… Flugate 2009 Update

I’m still sick. Obviously, right? It’s been less than 48 hours after all. I was hoping to miraculously wake feeling better. Instead, I awoke in a puddle of sweat, shivering and needing to make a quick run to the potty. Unfortunately, with RA there is no such thing as quick in the first hour after awaking, Boo! I made it to the potty in time, but just barely… Sorry for the TMI, but I figured someone needed to share in my embarrassment and misery.

Anyway… G did come get me from work yesterday. And it’s a good thing he did. I passed out in the truck before we even got to the freeway. He also apologized for being such a douche on Sunday, and got me some soup and OJ and took care of me all night. So that was sweet. I guess things are supposed to be better now. Don’t get me wrong, they are, but also I wish I had been able to express my feelings a little more clearly. Then again maybe it’s better that I couldn’t. Just ignore me, this is mostly the fever talking now.

Speaking of fevers and needing to sleep… who the H mows their lawn at 11am on a Tuesday? I’m trying to go back to bed here.


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