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This just in… August 10, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1 — arminta @ 5:43 pm



But for real, I do! This is a new one for me! With the Clomid I was dry as the Sahara and on all natural cycles I’ve had creamy (i.e. acidic) or watery, but never something I would describe as looking like eggwhites. But, today I do.


On a side note… is it weird that I’m fingering myself throughout the day in the bathroom at work to look for cervical mucus and position? Yes, yes it is. I fondly remember the good old days when fingers in the vagina meant “Yay! Fun!” Now, it means “CD 10 to 21 are here.”


On the bright side, I’m getting laid tonight.


3 Responses to “This just in…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Hahha… good luck! It’s probably wierd to keep checking with fingers for the consistency, but not if you’re an IF. I’m glad I’m not the only one 🙂 So this cycle you did not use Clomid?

  2. arminta Says:

    No, this cycle I used Femara. Follie results will be posted momentarily.

  3. Kate Says:

    oh that’s right, I remember you told me about Femara

    BTW- today I woke up and EWCM TOO!!!! I dont think I’ve had it but once before that I can recall.

    I’m annoyed that I have to sit around, I hope it won’t go away before I go home 🙂

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