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Flugate 2009: The Sequel August 11, 2009

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Also, we have follicles…


First with the bad news. I did not get laid last night. My hubs is sickers. He’s sicker than any person has ever been anywhere, ever. Except, you know, me, like two weeks ago. It appears that he has caught my virus a couple of weeks after the fact. Don’t get me wrong, that was a horrible virus. I understand that he’s unwell. I certainly don’t expect him to be up for sex whilst suffering from the flu. I just think it’s funny that when he gets a virus it’s the end of the world, but when I have the same virus, it’s just the flu. I know my husband is not the only one with this perception problem, so I’m less bitching and more laughing. If he’s still too sick for the sexy time tonight, though, I think I’m going to have to get him to jizz in my diva cup (like an instead cup, but not disposable), so we can get the swimmers in position, because….


I’m cleared to trigger. Tonight or tomorrow. Whenever I’m ready (yet another benefit of timed intercourse). I have two big follies on the right and a handful (as in 10+) of nice sized follibuds (10mm or less) on the left. I had four follies (2 on each side) when I got pregnant with my Blueberry Bean. So, this is better than my first response to Clomid, but not as good as my second Clomid cycle. My lining, though, is thick. So thick, I might name it Robin. So that’s better than the Clomid.


The Official Score:

Clomid #1: 1 Follie, Triggered Day 16, BFN (lining 12’ish)

Clomid #2: 4 Follies, Triggered Day 15, BFP (lining 10’ish)

Femara #1: 2 Follies, Triggering Day 14, ??? (lining 16’ish)


I’m not too pleased that there are only two follies, and I’m not too pleased that they are both on the same side. I feel like the chances are better when they are spread out. This may or may not have any scientific logic behind it, but it’s how I feel. Right now, I kind of feel like this cycle is going to be a bust. I was really hoping for four follicles. I know that’s an unreasonable thing to hope for, because that’s a good response (as opposed to a normal response). I know that one or two follicles is a normal response. I know that it only takes one egg. I know these things. It doesn’t change the fact that I don’t feel very hopeful about this cycle.


You know what the problem is? The ultrasound nurse. I should have asked for Dorinda… I always feel so hopeful when she does my scans. (OK, the results would be the same regardless of who the nurse was, and Jane did nothing wrong. I just really like Dorinda.)


One Response to “Flugate 2009: The Sequel”

  1. Kate Says:

    Men are just not as strong as us when it comes to being sick. I’ve had similar situations of sharing a bug, and when I’m sick its one thing and when he’s sick the world is crashing to an end!

    I hope he can do his thing for the sake of procreation…. it doesn’t have to be an all nighter after all.

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