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Long time no post… August 17, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1 — arminta @ 3:36 pm

Sorry! I wish I could say, “I’ve been really busy with really important things, like saving the world and feeding baby seals.” But the truth is I am very boring and have had nothing important to write about. Unless, this is the forum I use to spread way TMI to strangers about my reproductive life. It is? Well, in that case…


Let’s see here, hcg shot was Wednesday, so I ovulated on Thursday. Yay! Confirmation bloodwork scheduled for Wednesday. My temps are up, though, so that’s confirmation enough for me. I take the hcg booster tonight. Everything’s ticking along right on schedule. I feel a lot like I felt at this point when I was pregnant. So, either that trigger’s still in effect, this is normal for post ovulation or I’m pregnant. Or all three.


I went into this cycle fairly confident that pregnancy would occur. So, I’m not all jittery and sign checking. I’m not pinching my tits, or tracking how many times a day I’m going pee (it’s a lot though, I got up three times last night). This is a pretty calm 2ww so far.


What else happened this weekend? I took Big C out on a date Friday night. G & my Mom were out on a date (I told you they’re in love), so me and Big C went out on a date. We went to his favorite arcade/put-put place and stayed until they closed. He got some disappearing ink for one of his prizes and we played a trick on G when we got home. After the arcade we went to Red Lobster (at 10pm) for dinner. We were hungry from all that playing!


Then Saturday, I turned into some kind of hormonal insane person. Big C is five. I try to remember that when he is back talking me like he’s 12. I try to keep that in mind when he makes it clear that everything I say is wrong. “Silly Minta, you’re only 25 years older than I am, how could you possibly know anything?” Right so, hormonal instability + know-it-all five year = Rage. I felt it coming, and calmly went to G and said “I NEED HELP. WE ARE BOTH HUNGRY AND I’M HORMONAL AND GRUMPY. PLEASE STOP PLAYING VIDEO GAMES AND HELP ME WITH HIM SO I CAN MAKE LUNCH.” Exact words. But, help did not come, and I ended up snapping at Big C. Then like a knight on a white stead G comes running out to… yell at Big C for pushing me over the edge? What? After I asked him for help and got nothing it’s the five year old’s fault? So, that pissed me off. Like I said, I was a mess. Nothing was right, everything got on my nerves and I was cramping.


Cramping? At 2dpo? That’s weird. But, yes. Cramping, like AF was coming any minute. Which was how I felt the whole time I was pregnant. So, the wheels started turning… maybe… what if… (BTW, everything resolved with Big C, he and G ended up going shopping and getting a toy, it was only 15 minutes of tenseness, and really, while I reacted poorly, he was in the wrong for intentionally pushing my buttons)


Right, then the cramping. So, my wheels were spinning out of control, and I made myself stop and determined. It doesn’t matter. A test won’t be accurate until 8/28 because of the shots. I’m treating my body like I’m already pregnant. So, it does no one any good to obsess over every little twinge and mood swing. I’m out of the “am I” game. I’m running on the assumption that I am until proven otherwise. After all, I’ve released an egg, it’s been covered with sperm, I have a sufficient lining for it implant into, it’s happened before, I test positive on a pee test. I think that’s easiest for me, no need to analyze, I’m pregnant until proven otherwise.


OK, so that’s all. I guess I’m not quite as boring as I thought…


2 Responses to “Long time no post…”

  1. Kate Says:

    Why are you taking HCG? The reason I ask is last cycle I was having funky HCG levels. Is it for that reason? To make sure your HCG’s rise?

    I hope this is it for you.

    • arminta Says:

      HCG is very close to LH, so the first HCG shot was to force ovulation. The second one (that I took today) is supposed to “improve implantation.” I’m not really sure how it does that, just that it’s supposed to. I did have some slow rising issues with Blueberry Bean in the beginning, but the RE said not to worry about it when we saw the heartbeat. So, I’m hoping that it will prevent that, but we’ll see.

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