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I’m Not Sign Hunting, but… August 18, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1 — arminta @ 3:32 pm

That whore Fertility Friend is, though. In case you don’t remember this rant from back in the winter… I pay for the VIP service from Fertility Friend. This is for the ovulation detection help. The problem is that along with the “Fertility Analyzer” you also get the “Pregnancy Signs Estimator.” Basically it takes your info each day and adds to a % chance that your pregnant. It start low (mine usually starts around 45%) and gets higher as the cycle progresses. With Blueberry Bean I think it was at 95% when the test came back positive. On non pregnant cycles it has come back between 75% and 85%. I don’t tend to put a lot of stock in it, as it starts at nearly 50% when even a perfect one egg cycle is only 20% out of the gate. So, this is why I call Fertility Friend a whore. It doles out false hope in exchange for cash.


All of that said… let’s track it and see what it says this cycle. You know, for funsies! Right now it’s at 52%. At this point the only “sign” that can’t be attributed to the Ovidrel shot is that I had a high temp last night (99.3) but wasn’t sick. So, like I said, I’m NOT sign hunting, just playing a fun game with the Fertility Friend monitor.


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