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9 DPO: I HATE WAITING August 22, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1 — arminta @ 12:31 pm

Right, so the test that I thought looked negative at 6am yesterday, was all kinds of positive when I got home last night. Methinks I was a little hasty in declaring the Ovidrel out of my system. The positive on the test this morning was soooo faint that G didn’t even see it. He thinks I’m a little crazy with the test interpretation. But, I tell you the truth I could still see that barely there line. Like a pink shadow, taunting me. It said (after G left the room, so I’d have no witnesses, bitch!) “Am I real, or am I Ovidrel? I could be real, because I’m so faint.” I told it to shut the fuck up and quit making me crazy.


But, today is 9 dpo. My positive with Blueberry Bean was 10dpo. It was on a Saturday morning. It feels like a million years ago and also yesterday. So strange. But, I’m tore up over this shadow line from today, because had I tested on 9 dpo with BB, maybe I would have seen the same type of shadow line. Maybe it’s real. Maybe it doesn’t matter, it’s too soon and I need to quit being so neurotic.


I did promise not to be so neurotic this cycle, and here I am sign hunting, waffling about whether or not my shadow line is real or drugs. Someone please come slap me ’round the face so I can get my bearings back.


OK, I give up. I’m going to go bake for several hours until I feel fatter, but less insane.


P.S. The most accurate pregnancy test in the world, the Fertility Friend Pregnancy Predictometer Extraordinaire says: 92%. Bitch!


One Response to “9 DPO: I HATE WAITING”

  1. Potty Mouth Mommy Says:

    I hate peesticks… really I do… and they’re sooooo up to interpretation. I WANT to believe that faint line- but after having 2 chem. pregnancies after faint lines and two definite negatives that turned into a 23-week pregnancy…. yeah.. i LOATHE pee sticks… and FF too… she’s a whore.

    Sending you lots of luck and good wishes!!

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