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11 dpo: Crazies in Full Effect August 24, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1 — arminta @ 3:08 pm

The weekend has past, and it seems the booster shot finally has, too. Today’s test was negative after two hours, so I’ll assume it still will be when I get home. It was very faint yesterday, lighter than the shadow from Saturday. I’m also feeling less ass dragging, nearly dead tired. Also, indicative of less HCG in my system.


So, at this point I had already tested positive with Blueberry Bean. This, of course, means nothing. I’m 11dpo at most, which is still technically too soon. I was hoping for a negative so that I’d know for sure if my positive was real. I keep telling myself these things so I don’t cry and lose it in despair. There’s nothing more professional than crying in your office all day.


This weekend was almost “symptom” free. Which makes perfect sense seeing how the tests were so light & hcg causes the symptoms. Hcg drops, symptoms drop. Makes perfect sense. Today, I’m tired and nauseous, but NOTHING like last week. Fertility Friend is still sitting pretty at 92%. I’m feeling much less optimistic.


One Response to “11 dpo: Crazies in Full Effect”

  1. Kate Says:


    I’m in your shoes to some degree, in the sense that I’m sitting here waiting for results and it hurts and it sucks ass.

    I’m sorry. I don’t know if it helps to know there is someone in your exact shoes but I am with you in the trenches and I feel your pain because it is my own.

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