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It’s back August 25, 2009

Filed under: Femara Round 1,Spring Baby — arminta @ 2:14 pm

The shadow line that is. Very light, truly a shadow line. I’m sure that G wouldn’t really see it. But it’s there. It definitely wasn’t yesterday. I’m calling this a “BFP, pending bloodwork confirmation” or BFP-PBWC for short.


So it would seem for the second time this year. For the sixth time in my life. I am pregnant. It would seem. For obvious reasons (i.e. the five previous pregnancies that failed to procduce a live baybee) I’m not as overjoyed as I was last time. As I’ve mentioned before, I feel like my innocence has been ruined. I got it back when we switched to a new doctor with a new fancy protocol that included semi-daily shots! (that’s twice a day, not once, but twice I get to stick a needle in my belly and feel the burn of Heparin) I was too hopeful. So, now my hope is tempered with the knowledge that even fancy new doctors with fancy new protocols can let me down.


Or rather, I let them down. This works for many other women, that’s why they’re having me follow it.


At any rate, I’m hoping that no one lets anyone down this time. I’m hoping for a bring home baybee in early May (or late April). A spring baby. Please, please let me have my spring baby.


6 Responses to “It’s back”

  1. Kate Says:

    Oh Arminta, my heart is in my throat for you. I can’t believe we ovulated at the same time and saw lines the same day. You’re in my thoughts. Like you my innocence is gone. I’m so glad we found each other to go through t his with because really only ppl whove been through loss can get how conflicting the emotions are.

    • arminta Says:

      Thanks, Kate!!! I, too am glad that we’ve found each other on this crazy ride. It really is a little easier with the support of people who’ve been there.

  2. mrsfinn Says:

    I have everything crossed for you…. I hope hope hope beyond hope that you get your spring baby too!!

    • mrsfinn Says:

      I just realized- I o’d the same day as you did too….. maybe it’s a sign??!!

      • arminta Says:

        Wouldn’t that be something? It does seem odd that so many of us have ovulated within a two day period this month… Hoping you get your BFP this month, too!

  3. Kate Says:

    Have we all synched our periods over the internet, lol ;0)

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