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Undecided September 14, 2009

Filed under: Infertility — arminta @ 6:13 pm

So, I have signs of pending ovulation. I am unsure how to proceed. I have two warring factions in my brain.


One side says, stay as far away from peni (that would be the latin plural of penis) and their byproducts as possible for at least seven days. We don’t want to risk another miscarriage here. We’re not trying to get pregnant. We don’t want to be pregnant again because it won’t be a keeper again and it will hurt too bad.


The other side says we’re shocked that we’re ovulating on our own and should take advantage of any opportunity even if  we aren’t trying to get pregnant (and frankly we’re not convinced on that point…). What if this is “the one” and you let it get away? Quit being so selfish, bitch and get to screwing. Like now.


Then, I tell them both to shut up before I kill them with vodka. Which they know is an empty threat because I have no mixers at home and I’m too lazy to stop at the store.


So, I guess the fact that I’m talking back to the voices in my head makes me crazy. But other than that, this is all par for the course, right? Please say yes.


Also, Diet Watch 2009 continues. The search is now complicated by the fact that my mother wants to “help.” By help she means harrass me to go to the grocery (which may or may not be the gates of hell), and also shop for her while I’m there. OK, I’m exaggerating. Severely. She really does want to do it together, I’m just a self centered cow and that’s what I hear. She knows me and she knows that I’m the planner and I’m NOT the do’er. Really. If you want something “done” call someone else. It’s just not my forte. Mom on the other hand, is the do’er. She’s not the planner. That’s one of the reasons we were a good team professionally. I planned the shit out of my projects and she pushed them until they were done. So between the two of us, things were well planned and well executed.


Tangent! Sorry. My point was lost in a sea of unrelated chatter that the search parameters must now be changed to incorporate my Mom who I’m sure isn’t going vegan or raw.


Oh, well. Going to go cook a big ass pork roast now 🙂 mmm pork. (OK, bacon isn’t the ONLY meat I like, sometimes pork roast and salami and pepperoni are good too. OK, I just like pork. But not chicken. Not chicken.)


On the way home I must finish pondering to f*ck or not to f*ck… Will let you know the decision tomorrow.


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