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Crazy Keywords – Stepmother Edition September 17, 2009

Filed under: Crazy Keywords,Infertility — arminta @ 1:43 pm

I have a stepmother, she is crazy, that’s not what this post is about. Nope, this post is about the crazy things people type into Google that land them here in the land of piss and vinegar milk and honey.


infertile women are crazy

All of us? Really? Three people got here just this month with this same search.


I hate waiting for drugs

Me, too! I bet we have so much in common! We should totally hang out and like do drugs!


I’m infertile

Again, me, too! We should hang out and do some fertility drugs!


i’m nauseous, constipation, what’s wrong

You are constipation? I hate you! Being constipation might explain the nausea, I bet you stink.


stepmother infertility

Your stepmother is infertile, you want her to be infertile? Surely there’s more to this story!


crazy stepmothers

Yes, some of them are. They’re especially crazy when they’re infertile, according to some…


stepmoms infertile

At least you won’t have any pesky half-sibs running around!


stepmother fuc family

Sounds like a porn title! or a crazy white lady that married into the Vietnamese “Fuc” family.


Strong stepmother trend this month. Also a lot of 9dpo chatter, but it wasn’t very interesting.


In other news I had a 30 minute conversation with my Dad about my sex life this morning. That was uncomfortable. Also had to tell him that my spring baby isn’t coming. Through nausea and sore tits. I feel pregnant, why can’t I BE pregnant? (you knew you weren’t making it out without some whining!)


One Response to “Crazy Keywords – Stepmother Edition”

  1. twoisafamily Says:

    First of all, infertile women ARE crazy! We’d have to be to go through all the crap we do!

    I have played with my own cervical fluids, stuck a thermometer up my hoo-hah (before breakfast!), and paid a guy to violate me with a camera while my husband watches.

    I’d say that qualifies as crazy, wouldn’t you? LOL

    “Stepmother fuc family”?? Outstanding! 🙂

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