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I’m an ass September 17, 2009

Filed under: Asstastic Things that I do — arminta @ 5:47 pm

That’s a true story. I’m also a self centered asshat.  If you’ve been reading me very long at all this is not new news. You’ve probably thought that yourself. I wouldn’t blame you, I certainly think it of me from time to time.


So what have I done this time? I’ve hurt one of the two RL people that I trusted enough to give a link to this blog to, by being inconsiderate of them on this blog. Why? Because see the previous paragraph regarding my being a self centered asshat. I said something in the heat of a crazy funk that wasn’t fair to this person at all. Not only was it unfair, through any but the most self absorbed and crazy of lenses it was also untrue. She has been very understanding and kind to me through this ordeal and over one thing (that I hadn’t spoken to her about) I said she wasn’t, and that was unfair. For that I am truly sorry.


I do not intend to move or anything like that. The two RL people who have this address have it because they are important to me, even though I often don’t express that well enough IRL or here. Even though I treat this more as a diary, more as a place to vent and bitch and rant and be disagreeable if there are people who care enough to read I welcome that. If there are people who actually care (which still shocks me, BTW, I have never considered myself important enough for anyone else to want to care about, but that is a subject for a different post), I don’t want to push them away.


2 Responses to “I’m an ass”

  1. Katie Says:

    It happens. If she’s a good friend I know she’s understand and accept your apology. We are all human therefore we make mistakes.

  2. Simple Says:

    So you aren’t pefect? shame on you! ha ha .. (my attempt at humor). I’m sure she will understand & remain your close friend – infertility is a test it seems for so many things including friendship. Glad you aren’t stopping the blog – I love reading your posts!

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