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It was PMS September 28, 2009

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Maybe not entirely, but mostly. And boy was it ever. My I was in a foul funk of a mood. Thank the goodness that seems to be passing.


The proof of it’s passing came this weekend. Hurricane Uncle R and Hurricane Sister (along with tropical storms C and c) hit my freshly cleaned house on Sunday. The damage included beer bottles (mmmm beer) on my freshly decorated mantle, breath strip packages on my end tables, lids and food all over the kitchen, brownie bit on the living floor and last but not least, a shoe print on my sheet. Shoes. In the bed. Ahhhhh! But, I didn’t lose my shit. No family members were harmed, or shouted at or even given dirty looks. OK, some family members were given dirty looks, but c’mon, a shoe print on my clean sheet? I think a dirty look was warranted (Big C, stink eye right your way…).


As proof that I am a stark raving lunatic, though, I bought a box of OPKs. Apparently, my subconscience wants to try again for some crazy reason. I don’t know how this happened. I was at CVS. I was buying things a woman might need on CD1 if she was an idiot that left her diva cup and luna pads in her purse, on her dining room table, and she were say 45 minutes away at work. I found these products, then moments later I was in my car and my bag had OPKs in it. It was magic. I tell you the truth those little buggers walked right into my bag all on their own. But we all know that I will pee on them. I’ll pee on them all. And I’ll screw my hubs when the lines tell me too. Because I’m a good little infertile. I do what I’m told. I test and screw and test because how else will First Response stay in business?


In completely unrelated news… THE BENGALS BEAT THE STEELERS!!!!!!! At Paul Brown. Oh, right, I forgot to tell you, I’m a big time football fan. I love one team, who normally doesn’t fail to disappoint (but my Bengals look so good this year) and another team who normally doesn’t fail (OSU). In case you weren’t aware/haven’t guessed: I’m from Ohio! Back to the glorious event… I had the boys chanting “Down, down, down. Big Ben is going down.” All day. And we got a beautiful sack and a sexy interception. Now, I know I’m bound to regret being this optimistic/hopeful later and this is all subject to change, but right now, today, it’s a good day to loves the Bengals. See how football is like infertility? The season/cycle starts of great, clean slate. You win a couple of games/ultrasounds, sometimes even big ones (like seeing a heartbeat). Hope swells, you can almost see the rings (baby) coming. But, there are no guarantees. Sometimes wild cards win the championship and sometimes the undefeated powerhouse gets taken down in the play-offs.


Yes, I can find an infertility parallel in anything. It’s a gift, and a curse.


One Response to “It was PMS”

  1. Katie Says:

    Sorry for annoying relatives!

    The Bengals game was good. I had given up on them by then!

    Your parallel of IF to football is interesting. When I m/cd a friend sent me a framed poster that said “Life is like football, you always get a chance to play again.”

    So will you be TTC this cycle?

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