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I love to flip flop September 29, 2009

Filed under: Infertility — arminta @ 7:00 pm

Not the kind of pre-sommersault that toddlers do, but the changing of my mind faster than the weather can change in the midwest. (FYI, the weather here is unpredictable, especially in the Spring and Fall, it’s nothing to have a few days a year of snow in the morning and shorts in the afternoon or vice versa. Last weekend temps were in the high 80’s, this weekend they were in the low 60’s)


Anyway, enough with the weather. My point. I change my mind a lot. And of course you get to see it real time here. So, I was all “never trying again, complete waste of time” then I was all “not trying until 2010” then I bought a box of OPK strips. Now before I go further, G’s expectation was try naturally but no more treatments until January. So, we’re going more with his expectation.


Since, we’re doing this all on our own, and since the fancy doctors have only gotten us dead babies at a faster pace, I’m kind of going with my own protocol here.


I’ve got two issues, clots and my progesterone isn’t great. This is assuming I’ve ovulated at all. But, I seem to be ovulating at least sometimes with the Metformin. I wouldn’t say every cycle, but since my first Clomid cycle, my cycles (except when pregnant) have been 28-32 days. I have never been that regular. I’ve also seen temp rises.


So, my thought is:

1) Keep on the 2000mg Metformin

2) Double the aspirin

3) Start Heprin at ovulation

4) Start Progesterone cream at ovulation


Or, I may just say “fuck it” and not try at all. Who knows?


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