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STRESS – PMS – I’m a Mess October 22, 2009

Filed under: Shitty PMS — arminta @ 5:51 pm

I am stressed the fuck out right now.


Before I continue… this is a normal CD28 feeling. I always get short, irritated and easily stressed right before AF is due. I think I’ve heard it called something like PMS. Right, so that’s probably what’s the matter. I have rational, logical reason.



But, I’m still stressed the fuck out. To make matters worse, chocolate isn’t helping. How can chocolate fail me now? Oh, the horror, oh the humanity!


Ok, all done. Feeling a small bit better. Now, I just need to find $300 for emergency car repairs (apparently my back brakes are gone), clean my house, finish 30 hours worth of work in the 7 my boss thinks it should take, go to the grocery for party food, cook dinner and muster up the energy to screw my husband. Or, I could do what I want to do… go home, put on jammies, watch Twilight and Harry Potter movies, eat ice cream and Thai take out, and most importantly: ignore all responsibility.


You know what would really be ideal tonight? Like what would be THE BEST THING EVER? Sitting in my hot tub, reading Harry Potter, drinking wine, eating ice cream (yes, I eat ice cream in the hot tub) and ignoring all responsibility. But I can’t do that. Why? For two reasons… my BBT was 98.6 this morning. That was my BBT. As in my resting temp. My avg pre-ov is 97.5 (cover line 97.65) and post-ov is 98.25. The highest non pregnant BBT I’ve ever had was 98.48. So, there’s that SLIM chance. (Of course we all know it’s nothing and I’m grasping at straws, but let me grasp, k?) The other, and far more important and restrictive reason… my hot tub is STILL at my old house. Which STILL isn’t sold. Now, I’ve just spent my hot tub moving money on brakes!



One Response to “STRESS – PMS – I’m a Mess”

  1. Low Fat Lady Says:

    I’m feeling the pms downer’s and crazies as well. I hope we both feel better soon.

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