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Concentration, Not So Much October 28, 2009

Filed under: The Blah — arminta @ 4:42 pm

I’m at work, but I can’t concentrate to save my life! Is it PMS? Is it pregnancy brain? Has IF finally turned my brain to mush?


I don’t know, either, but I do know that concentration isn’t working out for me. I have a fuckton of things I need to do, too. Both for clients, and for my company. But, I get 1/4 ways into something and find a mental block waiting for me. This doesn’t just apply to work, either. This is no less than the fourth blog post I’ve started today. We’ll see if it’s the first to get finished.


So, what am I doing, if not blogging or working? Well, watching Lost for one. Unfortunately I got a little hooked before I found out about the strong baby current on that show. I’m also chatting with my bosses wife, H1N1 flu’s a big deal round here (ya’ll have heard of that, right?). Other than that, I’m literally just Googling randomness, and thinking. Yes, sitting in my chair, staring at my monitor and thinking. About what? Well, let me make you a listy list.


– Am I pregnant?

– Could I be pregnant?

– What if I am pregnant?

– What if I’m not pregnant?

– I feel pretty crappy, maybe I should go to the doctor if I’m not.

– Is Ben a good guy or a bad guy? I want to like him but he’s kind of a dick and either he’s always lying or the writers didn’t know where this shit was going when they wrote earlier episodes.

– What should I make for dinner (much Googling commences)? I have a lot of broccoli in the fridge, I should make something with broccoli (more Googling)…

– Those buffalo chicken wings I made last night were good. Maybe I’ll make those again.

– My kitchen shears are dull, I should get some new ones.

– I like the name Finnoula.

– I hope no one comes down here and sees how little work I’m doing today.

– I want mac-n-cheese

– I’m tired.

– Am I pregnant?


I think you know the rest of that song. Anyhizzle, I’m basically sitting very still thinking like that and Googling as my thoughts lead me. And feeling irritable. But happy, but grumpy. But tired.


So, there you have it. We have no answers. There’s no new info. I’m just being an unmotivated lump. I wish I could be doing this from the comfort of my bed. Yes, jammies and tea and a book would be much better than work and jeans and water.


OK, now to try to finish in two hours what I’ve put off all damn day.


One Response to “Concentration, Not So Much”

  1. Krystal Says:

    We’ve all been there, and it DOES suck. I pray that you’ll get those 2 lines tomorrow AND that you’ll have a good meeting with the adoption worker!

    Happy ICLW!

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