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Why I love my husband, wife, S.O., life partner, etc etc etc…day: #1 November 2, 2009

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So, the Potty Mouth Mommy (who I love!) has instituted her own why I love my husband, wife, S.O., life partner, etc etc etc…day. Because I’m a total jocker and have no imagination of my own, I’m going to claim she stole the idea from me (completely false) and totally do it, too. Really, I’m doing it too. because it’s too easy when dealing with the hard stuff and being stuck “in it” to turn on each other. It’s too easy to alienate the one other person who’s really right there with you. It’s too easy to not appreciate the man you want to procreate with, because there’s not enough procreation going on. Without further ado… Why I love the hubs, today:


I love my husband for a variety of reasons, some big, some little, all important to me. Today, I love him because he spent all day yesterday working on our old house in preparation to sell it. He worked his ass off, by himself, because it needed to get done. He didn’t complain that I had to work, he didn’t bitch about what a pain it was to lay the new bathroom floor or recaulk the tub. He just got up and went over there and worked for 10 hours. Because he’s a stud like that.


He’s the love of my life.

He’s the father of my children.

He’s the best uncle on the planet.

He makes me laugh.

He’s got the sexiest green eyes ever seen.

He’s fiercely protective of his family.

He loves me when I can’t love myself.

He loves me when I won’t love myself.

He’s my best friend.

He’s my Super Man.

My Man


One Response to “Why I love my husband, wife, S.O., life partner, etc etc etc…day: #1”

  1. awwwww….. he sounds wonderful. You are both lucky to have each other!!

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