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Agency Interviews Update November 6, 2009

Filed under: Adoption — arminta @ 3:36 pm

So, I’ve just received info in the mail from another on of the agencies we were looking at for adoption. This is the open domestic infant adoption agency. Here are the highlights:


  1. $15k bare minimum cost. BARE minimum, this is going to end up in the $20k range. Even with the adoption class reimbursement and tax credit, this is an expensive, expensive option.
  2. The agency will not agree to meet us face to face or communicate with us via any method other than e-mail until we give them $1,400 for our homestudy fees.
  3. The agency will not update us on when our profile is being viewed.
  4. They don’t want us to check status more often than once a month.
  5. Their what to expect document is full of things like “YOU GET TO KEEP THE BABY so let the birthmother say/do/keep anything she wants in the hospital.” (Again, for the record, I’m all about showing the birthmother love, I’m not all about language that implies “you’re stealing her child, so shut the fuck up mmm k.”)


This agency came highly recommended 😦


I’m so confused. The more research I do into adoption, the more I don’t want to give up on getting/staying pregnant. It’s cheaper, and it sounds like it may be fraught with less peril. (There’s peril either way, mind.) I’m so confused.


Oh, well t-minus 4 days until sexapalooza (also known as the potential fertile period, if ovulation is going to occur) hits the insanity household. Time to order my favorite sperm friendly lube and find some new porn to keep G going after sexapalooza day 5 (my range can be so very long, I can ov anywhere from CD15 to CD22… if I’m going to at all!)


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Today I’m thankful that my sister made it through her knee surgery without issue. She’s at mother’s recuperating and I get Little C all to myself tonight. I’m going ot go out ona limb and say Little C is probably grateful for this, too. He’ll be happy when his mother is feeling better and spending time at Minta’s without Big C is like a dream come true for him. He goes around and touches all of the toys that Big C doesn’t like him to play with!


One Response to “Agency Interviews Update”

  1. I just hope that everything turns out well for you. I can’t imagine how an agency that comes so highly recommended can really come across as being so callous to those wanting a baby who, in most cases are unable to have their own.

    Why do we glorify the ones who can have children without incident who can give them up- and villify (sp?) those of us who are unable to get/stay pregnant? That just seems so backwards to me. You’re not STEALING a baby- you are adopting a child that is being GIVEN AWAY.

    ugh… the attitude towards adopting parents just makes my head want to explode sometimes. as if the infertility bullshit isn’t enough- let’s make us feel WORSE!!

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