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The post in which I make a drunken ass of myself November 17, 2009

Filed under: Blueberry Bean,Miscarriage — arminta @ 12:46 am

Have you ever sat in your bed while drunk off your ass drinking your nepew’s apple juice box thinking “where am I going?” No? Maybe it’s just me… For the record, I am DRUNK. Like six BIG glasses of wine drunk, and I just watched a weird movie. About a crazy single man, finding the love of his life and adopting from China. Which, BTW is really easy and inexpensive when you’re a single, 28 yo, male. Please by all means check my facts, this shit happens everyday. See, drunk and sarcastic.

So, the movie ends, and I head on over to E!, because there’s always a chance of catching Joel McHale (with whom I may or may not be in love. Don’t worry Rob, I love you most of all… It goes like Rob, Joel, G… again, drunk, you can’t hold any of this shit against me). So, like I was saying, I flipped to E!, but instead of my favorite Irish giant I saw this:



For those not in the know, Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett (ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner) is currently rumored to be due on Christmas Day. The first due date I heard for her was MUCH earlier in December… It was 12/10. That’s right just one day before mine. She is plastered all over the InTouch magazine’s at the grocery right now. I broke down in front of Big C and a neice over a photo of her a couple of weeks ago, and now there are more. I can’t stand it. I literally hate her right now.


So, movie ends, E! news comes on and G says “I bet Holly’s pissed. She broke up with Hef over the baby thing and now KENDRA’s pregnant.” To which I reply… “Do you know her due date? Do you know her original due date? Her baby and our baby should have been born on basically the same day. Every time I see/hear about her it’s like my heart is being ripped out!” (OK, maybe I REALLY said “you know we had the same due date…” but I meant “Every time I see/hear about her it’s like my heart is being ripped out!”) to which G got up and went to bed without a word. I’m chasing my husband away. Or he’s headed that way on his own. I’m not sure.


What am I sure of? Losing BB was worse that any of the previous losses, and I can’t get over it and I would do ANYTHING to have him back. ANYTHING, please. Pretty please with sugar on top? I would give anything to wake up and the last six months were just a nightmare and my 10 week scan is tomorrow and everything is great. Anything, please? Please? I just want my baby back.


2 Responses to “The post in which I make a drunken ass of myself”

  1. melissa Says:

    you’re a good writer… comedy out of tragedy… (and drunkenness.) 🙂 i’m sorry for the tragedy part of it all thought. 😦


    found you from stirrup queens

    • arminta Says:

      Thank you! I truly appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by. It seems such a small thing, to comment on a virtual strangers blog, but it really makes my day when people do (I hope I’m making people’s days, too).

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