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The One In Which I Whine December 31, 2009

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 12:06 pm

So, that’s not really new, but I couldn’t think of a more creative title.

Obviously, no medical news to report. Damn long weekend. Normally, I’m all over the long weekend. Three days away from the cave? Me, please, I’ll take it! This week, I’m all “Monday, where are you?”

So, to help ease my mind, a list!

– I feel nauseous today.

– I have already peed 5 times today and it’s not even noon, yet.

– I need a nap. STAT!

– I ate breakfast two hours ago and am hungry now.

All things I didn’t feel yesterday. All good signs that the hcg is increasing.

But, why oh why must it be this hard? Seriously? Why can’t I just get knocked up and be all “hey a baby’s coming!”? Because history says a baby isn’t coming. History says heartbreak is coming, and how!

This morning G was rubbing my tummy and saying “Good morning, baby” which is the first recognition he’s given to the baby at all. I wanted to join him in the happiness and talk to the baby with him, but I just don’t feel “it” yet. Even though I physically feel pregnant, I don’t feel it emotionally, yet. I want to. I want to just throw myself into it history be damned. But, I can’t, yet.

OK questions: has anyone out there stayed on Plaquenil during pregnancy? Has anyone had such a low beta and now have a baby from that pregnancy?


2 Responses to “The One In Which I Whine”

  1. Can’t say I will DEFINITELY have a baby at the end of this pregnancy- but for now there’s at least one, possibly two in there. My betas were low… my first was 13 -I have no IDEA how many days DPO it was- my third was a week after the first and it was just shy of 2000.

    I don’t have miscarriages though- Just an incompetent cervix… If all goes well with the cerclage I’m having, low beta will in fact = living baby.

    Hang in there- I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

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