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Time is SOOOOO Slow January 4, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Family,Infertility,Pregnant — arminta @ 1:10 pm

At least, that’s the take on time for today. It’s been over 2 hours since I fed the vampires at Compunet. I know it will be at least 2-4 more before I hear anything, but when you’re waiting to hear whether your baby is going to make it through the week 2-4 hours is FOREVER.

I’m feeling less hopeful. I had very few symptoms this weekend. I had a few bouts of nausea, and extreme fatigue but nothing like I remember with Bean. Of course, that was with the Ovidrel shot, and closer to like 6 weeks. But, feeling crappy gives me hope. I know if I feel bad then the hcg must be doing its job. Weird, right? I just wish they could process it on the spot and have results immediately!

OK, enough with that. In other news: One of G’s cousins may have seen me at the blood clinic this morning. I’m not 100% certain it was her, but I think it was. This would be the pregnant one that was mentioned a while back. I really wouldn’t care (and would have spoken with her if I knew it was her), but G doesn’t want his family to know, and she definitely heard the phlebotomist ask if the numbers were low last week and how far along I was. Hopefully it wasn’t his cousin.

Also, in sad news I found out this weekend that one of my good friends’ mother has multiple myeloma. She’s in her early 50’s. I’m sad for my friend, and scared for her mom. There’s nothing I can do to help, which is a feeling that I hate. Another part of me is curious just for the sake of seeing the future. I kind of want to see how the disease works and how long it takes to really take its toll. It’s a kind of sick train wreck type fascination.

OK, I’ll quit being morbid, now. I’ll go back to picking my fingernails and waiting for the phone to ring.


One Response to “Time is SOOOOO Slow”

  1. Jenn Says:

    Hope they call soon the waiting sux! Hope its good news!

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