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A Quick Shout Out January 6, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Infertility,Pregnant — arminta @ 12:25 pm

to my girls at… wait for it, site down, because I’m about to shock your pants off… COMPUNET.

And you’re all “But Minta, you hate Compunet, you’re always calling them soul-less vampires.”

You’re right… The corporation mega some ass ($195 for a simple progesterone check). But, the girls at the office I visit all too regularly in Springboro, OH are AWESOME. C & T you may never read this, but please know that when I think of the journey to have a baby and ALL of the bloodwork it’s involved I consider you two part of my team and part of the success (you know, if and when we get some success*).

So, why am I so glowy happy this morning? What have these ladies done to deserve suck accolades? I’ll tell ya!

They drew Beta #3 today. I got to the office at 9:45am, as per usual. But they were slammed. Even though they were way busy they were nice and courteous as always. But, they warned that we may not make same day, because the courier was almost there and there were people ahead of me (which NEVER happens at that branch, usually I don’t even sit in the waiting room). Well, they got the people ahead of me done lightening fast and asked the courier to wait for my blood, and he did. Because of C & T and P the courier going out of their way to be awesome I’ll get the results back today.

* Success: Live baby in my arms


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