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Two Very Quick Things… January 6, 2010

Filed under: Blogging,Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 7:11 pm

Although Compunet kicked ass this morning, my nurse has neglected to call me. Grrr… am choosing to believe that it’s because all is well (otherwise surely they’d have called to schedule another draw or an ultrasound or something). But, am still freaked out and G is pissed that I’m freaked out. Etcetera and ad nauseum, no one has been ’round this ride before. *blech*

And also… I’m due for a true crazy keywords post, but in the meantime please Google “im pregnant wih no job how can i get some cash” I’m #3! How? I don’t freaking know. But, I am. Weird. The things that lead people here. It’s never “PCOS miscarriage” it’s always shit like “Christmas family insanity” or “im pregnant wih no job how can i get some cash” kinda makes me wonder what kind of dysfuntional whore Google thinks I am!

I’m a liar there’s a third quick thing… I have a ton of hits from delurking related searches, but none of them delurked! Delurk, people delurk! I know there are more of you out there, I can see my hit stats… 🙂 I kid, of course. If you’d like to stay in the shadows being nefarious, have at it, I like seeing all the spikes on my counter chart whether you comment or not (although I do prefer a conversation to being the lady that talks to herself!) and I’m a sell out whore, so do whatcha like.

Also, that wasn’t supposed to sound bitchy, but it kind of did… Please read above as “snarky” not “bitchy.”



4 Responses to “Two Very Quick Things…”

  1. Tom Lee Says:

    Hmm, never thought it could be like this…. very strange

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I hope you get a call early today to put your mind at ease!

    And as for the keyword thing, I never get any fun keyword searches. All mine are hobbit related. 🙂

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