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Fall Baby: Beta #3 January 7, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 11:32 am

I called and left a mildly freaked out message for the nurses this morning, and was promptly rewarded with sweet, juicy numbers.

  • HCG: 652
  • Progesterone: 27.2

Both beautifully up, up, up!!!!! As a matter of fact, they are looking so yummy that rather than having an ultrasound next week I’m just having another beta. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not need the ultrasounds I’m happy it’s just another beta even though I lurve the ultrasounds. Even if they get my hopes up too high, I love seeing the baby on the screen. I can’t wait to see a baby that looks like more than a tadpole or gummy bear. Hopefully that will happen this time.

The chart again!!!!


I know I’m getting a little ahead of myself and am pulling a complete 180 from the beginning when I was all “yeah, this isn’t going to work out” but I’m starting to feel like this one MIGHT work out.

Added: The two day rise has gone up from 148% to 159%!


17 Responses to “Fall Baby: Beta #3”

  1. Krystal Says:

    I’m SUPER, yet cautiously, excited!

  2. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Yay! And hope is allowed (even if you are straining your ears for the sound of that other shoe dropping). Sending prayers for continued high numbers!

  3. K Says:

    YAY!!!! So how far along does this make you?

    SOOO happy for you hon!!!!

    • arminta Says:


      So, it’s still really, really early. But, the 2 day rise is going up (as opposed to going down which is what happened before), so we’re staying hopeful and taking it one day at a time.

  4. May Says:

    Ooh, pretty PRETTY chart. Fingers crossed.

  5. MEG. Says:

    Ok, so can I move your blog to my “Currently Expecting” list yet? =)

    I’m so happy for you, Minta! *hugs*

  6. up up up!!!!! oh I hope hopehopehope with every single fiber of my being that this one sticks!!

  7. Jenn Says:

    YAY!!! I’m SOOOO Glad that your beta is up!!! Hope your baby sticks with super glue!
    Do you know how far along you are yet? I’m almost 6 weeks.

  8. Rebel Says:

    Here from LFCA

    Congrats… Super Sticky Vibes coming your way!!!


  9. Rach Says:

    Congratulations! Hope you have a healthy 8 months or so.

  10. Eileen Says:

    Congratulations! Awesome beta news! Here from LFCA.

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