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Am Lame. The End. January 27, 2010

Filed under: Completely and Entirely Unrelated to IF,Pregnant,Week 8 — arminta @ 6:01 pm

Well, not really the end, although continued reading will only serve to support the fact that I am lame and have nothing of value or importance to say. Also, it will prove that I blog when I should be working. Which we already knew.

There is no news on the baby front. Still waiting for ultrasound #2. Still choosing to believe that everything is going to turn out just fine unless/until given indication that it won’t. Week 8 is treating me pretty much the same as week 7, hungry, tired, grumpy (probably from the hungry and tired), bowels very much not regular. Getting to be the norm around here. We’ll take!

Desperately need to get plan underway for money matters. Planning to get on that with tax return budgeting.

Things are somewhat better at work, simply because I now have the mantra “It doesn’t matter, you only have to last until September.” You want to completely change the design from the requirements I gathered? Help yourself, but I’m not cleaning up your mess. You want to let a buffoon who can’t put together an intelligible sentence if his life depends on it take change requests? Let’s do that! It’s a whole new Minta. I’m getting lots of comments about how much nicer she is, too. We are over budget on a handful of projects, that I normally would have worked harder to ensure that didn’t happen on, but whatev’s you can manage things however you want.

In fun news… I saw Legion last night with G, my Pops and my Bro. It was… awesome isn’t quite the right word. It’s more like terrisome, or aweible. Confession: I lurve Snakes on a Plane. No, I don’t think it’s a well written cinema classic. I do think it’s HILARIOUS.Legion wasn’t quite on par with Snakes on a Plane. Let’s face it, Samuel L. is no match for Paul Bettany when it comes to actual acting, and the action sequences in Legion were good for real (not in like fake snakes flying about an airplane cabin). The action sequences were kick ass. If there’s anything I like better than an angel with a mechanical mace, it’s an angel with bulletproof wings AND a mechanical mace. It does sound a bit the dumb when typed like that, but trust, action sequences were the high point of this movie for genuine entertainment.

In the arena of SOAP (that would be Snakes On A Plane) entertainment, the Legion was far more rich. Here is a list of things that actually happen, seriously, in the movie:

  • An angel told a dumbass kid who was lovesick over a girl who’s 8 mo’s pregnant with somebody else’s baby that HE was the reason mankind deserved redemption. (Not people who devote their lives to helping the needy, not missionaries or other such do-gooders)
  • An angel pulled a rocket launcher out of nowhere and blew up a bunch of possessed people, including a little girl with a balloon.
  • In the midst of being attacked by possessed people, Charles Dutton found time to give Tyrese a life lesson on not being a thug, and Tyrese found time to pass along the same message to a teenage girl.
  • A baby was born and not fed for like 48 hours, and it didn’t cry (but not because it died of starvation).
  • A baby was popped into the air when a door hit the person who was holding it, the angel caught it right before it floor (real life – head would have hit the floor, but dolls don’t have floppy heads) and was OK.
  • A baby was in a car accident (no car seat) in which the car flipped like 4 times, someone in the backseat died, and didn’t even cry (but again, not because it was dead).
  • Angels likened themselves to software consultants (one of them literally said “The difference between us is you give God what he asks for, I’m going to give him what he needs” very common saying in my industry…)

That’s a short list. I think the people in front of us were getting a little pissed because I spent the entire movie sniggering and making snarky comments because could not help myself, too damn funny. When the movie was over my Pops looked up like eh, what’d you think and I said “I’ve had with these motha fucking angels in this motha fucking diner” at which my Bro lost his business he was laughing so hard.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to… It is confirmed: LAME.


3 Responses to “Am Lame. The End.”

  1. jill Says:

    Not lame 🙂 I dunno if I loved SOAP but I did find it entertaining. I have been on the fence about seeing Legion – I couldn’t quite get a feel for it from the preview – but after your review I think I’ll see it.

    Good attitude towards the work stuff. I find myself feeling the same way. I want to control everything and try to make myself say “oh well, do it however you want” and take a step back. Sometimes that works 😉

  2. MEG. Says:

    DUDE! Whenever the ad for Legion comes on tv, I shout, “Ack! It’s that scary Grandma! SCARY! I don’t wanna see her!” and I quickly change the channel. =)

    Glad you were able to get out an enjoy some good camp though!

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