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The Flu, I Haz It February 7, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 1:07 pm

So, Friday I had a snotty nose and was reminded that sinus issues and pregnancy are like peas and carrots. Then yesterday, I stayed in bed until 3pm. This was very irksome to the hubs who made lots of comments like “you’re only two months pregnant, it can’t possibly be making you this tired.” Which received crying and curse words from me, because OBVIOUSLY tired if still in bed at 3pm. Although, I did do our taxes from the bed, so it’s not like I was completely useless. After showing him many articles which said “9 weeks = tired, nauseous, weepy mess” I went back to bed feeling vindicated.

When I got up, though, vindicated wasn’t really the word that described how I felt. No, that word would probably be dying, or let me die soon, anyway. Headache, cough, fever, weakness all coupled with the normal nausea and fatigue was so not pleasant. Also, it turned out my eating and drinking were way down. As in, my total consumption was 2 glasses of water and 1/2c of soup (mmmm, homemade chicken and dumplings) as 5pm. Bad. Bad, bad, bad, bad. So, I dragged my ass to the kitchen and forced down water and V8 juice and toast. Also, grossed out Big C with my netti pot! That was a little fun.

So, now, it’s Super Day (what Big C called the Super Bowl when he was little) which is also usually the day we celebrate my sister and G’s birthdays and I’m still sick. Not nearly as sick as yesterday (making up for lack of fluids from yesterday, too!), but still feeling pretty pitiful. But, I’m supposed to be cooking and spending the day with my family. And I want to cook and spend the day with family.. taking care of me! Bringing me juice and crackers when I ring my bell. Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to happen, either, but a girl can dream.

So, do we have any words of wisdom for the flu in the first trimester?


5 Responses to “The Flu, I Haz It”

  1. studentrntiffany Says:

    No words of wisdom, Im only in week 8. But I suppose that it has to pass eventually, right?

    I hope you feel better soon!

    Happy SUPER day!

  2. curl up in bed and act like you have “man flu”…

    other than sleep as much as humanly possible and keep guzzling fluids like it’s going out of style- there’s not a whole lot you can do… if you have a fever or are REALLY sore, tylenol/acetaminophen is ok.

    being sick sucks… being sick while pregnant is a special type of hell all on it’s own!! Hope you get better soon!!

  3. K Says:

    Not to worry you in any way, but do call your doctor. If your flu is combined with fever it can be bad and so I urge you to call and see if you need to be on any meds to control fever.

  4. ju Says:

    Great scan news…..bask in scan glory and rest tired sore body. Enjoy Super day! These are orders!

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