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Flugate: Day 5 February 10, 2010

Filed under: My Immune System - I mean lack thereof,Pregnant — arminta @ 12:07 am

Thank you guys for your well wishes and for caring enough to keep up with me…

I went to the doctor. Not my doctor, because she was snowed in, because apparently while I was dying south-western Ohio got covered in snow multiple times. Including this morning, while I was driving to my appointment. Thankfully G left his monster truck for me and he braved the weather in my low rider Camry. Anyway, I saw a medical professional who I trust as much as I trust any medical professional that isn’t a direct member of my team. She was very nice, she was very certain about what was wrong and she was very certain her treatment plan would get me better without hurting Sprout.

What turned out to be wrong? Well, she suspects, and I agree, that it started as the flu and then because of my slightly compromised  immune system I developed a secondary infection, or rather a string of secondary infections affecting my lungs, sinuses, throat and ears. Also, my weight is down one pound from Friday. So, that’s the bad news. The good news, she says that because of normal pregnancy congestion, lots of pregnant women get multiple upper respiratory infections which have no affect on the pregnancy or baby. She was so certain that everything was fine that she refused to humor me regarding the ultrasound I begged for. I would be pissed, except… boobs are killing me, I’m still nauseous and averse to meat (it tastes like blood, ewww), basically all symptoms are going strong.

Now, back to bed. Tired from all this finger movement…


3 Responses to “Flugate: Day 5”

  1. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    I’m glad that the doc is confident that everything can be treated without any harm to the Sprout. I’m just sorry that she didn’t give in to your begging for another peek at the little one!

    Take care and get some rest!

  2. oh honey!! I hope you get back to feeling better soon!! Being ill in the first trimester- whooooo…. you’re a stronger woman than I am to even drag your ass out of bed to type- let alone going to the doctor!

    Now go back to bed!! sleep and fluids darlin!!

  3. Jenn Says:

    Glad you got some answers! Now go nap ALOT! I can’t immagine being sick right now. Feel better soon!

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