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Misc Other Updates February 11, 2010

Filed under: Marriage,My Immune System - I mean lack thereof,Pregnant — arminta @ 1:46 pm

– Back at work today. Boo!

– Cried like a girl the whole way to work. I don’t know whether to take it as a sign that hormones are still in full effect, or that I should have stayed in bed one more day.

– Symptoms (tits of wrath (please let someone find me by Googling “tits of wrath”!) in full effect, thirsty again, stomach unsure of itself etc…) still pretty much steady, but I’m having trouble with the concept of a baby surviving that kind of illness.

– In case you were living in bed and not watching TV for the last week, it snowed. Like, a lot. For some crazy reason I thought it just snowed on Friday afternoon and Tuesday morning, but apparently, no. It snowed for days and there’s like 18 inches in my yard.

– I really want to go back to bed.

– It’s my 10th wedding anniversary and my house is a wreck, and I haven’t got the hubs a present, yet. I did get him a really sappy card (which is what he likes).

– The MIL sent cards yesterday for G’s b-day and our anniversary. They’re in my car. I want to pitch them. Am not bitch enough to pitch them.

– It’s not finished




– It’s finished. (Spaced totally rules, I heart Simon Pegg.)


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