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Promise Kept! February 19, 2010

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So, I am back at work work, fresh off of my very last visit to the RE. Of course, they did tell me that when the baby is born (not if) that I had to bring him in for them to fuss over. They say it’s their favorite part of the job, actually seeing the babies they helped build. But, before I blabber on, the important stuff:

– Heartbeat: 177bpm

– Length: 46mm (4.6cm or 2 inches!)



Back to my blabbering… G was not able to make it, so I had to hike up my big girl panties and do it by myself again. It was amazing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It was more than I imagined. This picture is actually a very poor representation of what I saw. I saw feet rubbing together. I saw eye rubbing. I saw all five fingers on the left hand (well, I think it was the left hand). I saw tiny toes dot the screen. Amazing. At first I was confused because I though the head and torso were separate entities. I even asked “Is that all baby"?” I love making my doctor chuckle. He patiently explained, that yes, that was all one baby, one big baby, then he showed me the neck, the spine, the tooth buds. Tooth buds! Have I used the word amazing, yet? He let me listen to the heartbeat for a long time, I think he could see me visibly relax while it was playing.


After I did a little happy dance and got dressed Dr. Groll gave a certificate to celebrate completing my first trimester care being complete (and my being kick-ed from the office) and he gave me a little baby spoon. That’s right, my RE was the first person to give Sprout a present. I’m sure I haven’t yet said that today was amazing, but it was.


I don’t think I can stress enough how awesome Kettering Reproductive Medicine is. Everyone at the clinic is wonderful. They have the single best medical receptionist on the planet. She is so friendly and sweet and caring. The nurses are all top notch. The doctors are both wonderful. I cannot say enough how wonderful Dr. Burwinkle and Dr. Groll are. They are literally the two most caring doctors I’ve ever dealt with (and I’ve dealt with a few doctors). They are thorough and kind, they are genuinely happy for their patients (and their) successes. They are genuinely saddened by their patients losses. LOVE THEM.


OK, I’m all done being mega sap over here. Since G was unable to make it I did send him a pic right away (he was very upset at not being able to make it). I also told him the length and heartbeat. His response “Thats going to hurt when it comes out” Niiice.


4 Responses to “Promise Kept!”

  1. Jenn Says:

    EEEP! look how big the baby got!!! Im so excited for you! It really is the most amazing thing to see your baby moving in there. I got to see mine flip and moon us… ( yup its my kid…lol) I can’t wait for my next U/S. EPPP! So happy for you! HUG!

  2. K Says:

    Congrats Arminta this is such beautiful beautiful news!

  3. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Just getting caught up… I am so happy that you had such a great appointment. That is a fantastic picture, and it’s so cool that your RE gave you your first baby gift!

  4. cowgirltn Says:

    What a great post and picture. I love the baby gift that is very sweet.

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