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The Doppler Came March 5, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant,Why I Love the Hubs — arminta @ 12:40 pm

Well, folks, I’ve decided to push the BS of my family drama out of my head for a bit, so I ordered a doppler. Now being roughly the size of a young orca and being only 13 weeks pregnant, I didn’t really expect to hear anything, yet. But, I was so hoping.

So, I picked it up from the post office yesterday morning, and it sat in my car ALL DAY. It was a long day. But finally, I got to go home and get ready to try it out. I laid down on the bed, gooped up the end of the probe and started searching, and searching, and searching. I tried pushing harder, not pushing harder. I tried moving my fat, I tried going through the fat. I found my heartbeat in my hip, but nothing like the speed racer heartbeat that we heard at the RE’s office. SO BUMMED.

Then… G came in and wanted to give it a go. Literally, it took him 15 seconds and he found it. Right where I had been looking. “It’s all in the angle” says the man who didn’t even know what a doppler was before I had brought this one home. I tried again, nothing. He tried again, instant. Mother Fucker! That’s right, we have a Daddy’s boy/girl on our hands here, folks! We laughed a little about the baby preferring G and listened for a little while longer, we both cried, of course. It was magic. Pure magic. I can’t imagine going back to not being able to hear it.

* Side Note: I was able to find it myself this morning. It took me a lot longer than it took him, but I did find it. This morning the baby must have been moving, though, because it would get really loud, then quieter, like (s)he moved further away, then loud again. Magic.


6 Responses to “The Doppler Came”

  1. jill Says:

    Very exciting! I think I’d get a doppler too. So glad G was able to find the spot (bad joke in the making… can hardly hold back!) and that you weren’t left feeling bummed.

  2. Krystal Says:

    Cool! Try it first thing when you wake up with your bladder full. Your uterus should be up higher then, and, therefore, more accessible. Maybe.

  3. Krystal Says:

    Hey, thanks also for the comment on my blog! I was beginning to get a complex that no one commented on it! lol In my mind I’m thinking, “Great! There’s probably no difference at all and I’m just crazy!”

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease!

  4. MEG. Says:

    I’ve officially been sucking, big time, when it comes to commenting on your blog. But I swear I’ve been following along. =)

    All Hail the Master Doppler-er! =P So glad you two are able to keep an ear on the little sprout. It must take a huge load off your mind.

    I just looked at your little pregnancy ticker and was shocked to see how developed your little one is already! You’re growing a little person in there! =D

    Hope you have a happy weekend!

  5. Mrs. Gamgee Says:

    Yay! for a doppler! My Beloved has been informed that if we ever get a halfling that sticks we are getting one… so that I can stay SANE!

    Glad that you were able to hear your little one!

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