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Crying and Quickening or Crying Quickening Take Your Pick March 10, 2010

Filed under: Fall Baby,Pregnant — arminta @ 6:31 pm

So, as I was sitting here at my desk sobbing away over the unfairness of it all, I felt something.

A little something.

A slightly twitchy something.

A something I can only describe as a goldfish swimming about my ute.

Or, maybe a really tiny frog. Yeah, I think a really tiny frog best describes this feeling.

Please tell me almost 14 weeks is too early for a frog in the ute feeling to actually be feeling the baby. I quite agree. Especially for a fat, first-timer. And, yet… that’s what I felt.

Was it Sprout comforting Mama? Am I cooking up my first decent poo in a week? Only time will tell. I’m choosing to believe my baby was reaching out when I needed a little lovins.


4 Responses to “Crying and Quickening or Crying Quickening Take Your Pick”

  1. Krystal Says:

    Let’s go with that, shall we? It’s so much more fun to think that’s it rather than just your body working up a poo. lol

    • Krystal Says:

      The DR said everything looked ok after my hsg. I guess I didn’t assume I’d get any other results other than her verbal ones.

      LOL at “Nonip” Sometimes the word verifications are hilarious!

  2. Or you could think of it as baby trying to help along the poo… lol I know my little peanut gets pretty antsy if I don’t poo regularly… it’s like he/she gets offended and is all like “move it along now poo- nothin to see here”

    But that’s just me…

  3. jill Says:

    No clue if it’s too early or not but that would be so cool if it was your little one poking you! I’m sorry you’re feeling sad – sending *hugs*.

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